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I live in Oslo and work in Majorstua from a private studio. I can also do home visits for massage therapy and postpartum up to 90 minutes away from Oslo Center.


NMF certified pregnancy & postpartum massage therapist & teacher; certified Rebozo bodyworker; postpartum professional certified by Innate Postpartum; other certifications include Newborn Mothers Collective; Slingababy; Birth Story Medicine; Childbirth International, among others.


English / Spanish / Norwegian / French / Italian








  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Postpartum Massage

  • Rebozo Bodywork for Postpartum Postpartum

  • Preparation Workshops & Private Sessions Babywearing Consultancy

  • Birth Story Processing

  • Home visits for massage therapy

  • Home visits for postpartum care


I have seventeen years experience as a certified bodyworker & the last six I have specialised in women's wellness & worked with mothers through therapeutic massage, breastfeeding support, babywearing & postpartum care. I have a background in women’s literature, feminism & women’s empowerment studies in traditional cultures. I am an expat mother living in Norway since 2017.

Born and raised in Mexico, I am a postpartum professional & care provider certified by Innate Postpartum Care. I’m a Massage Therapist (NMF) & teacher since 2005 & I specialize in pregnancy & postpartum bodywork. I’m certified in Thai modalities as well as Rebozo techniques, both of which I mix extensively in my bodywork for motherhood.

I come from a bicultural family (Mexican mother & American father) & I started The Milk & Oil Company in Oslo in 2020 after moving here from Thailand, my adopted homeland where I lived 10 years & became an expat mother myself.

I run the Oslo Sling Library since June 2020 & I launched a postpartum cafe for all moms who need a little more support. In September 2020 I won a small grant through Oslo Soup to follow this dream of postpartum support alternatives for new parents in Oslo.  

Other credentials include postpartum doula certification by Newborn Mothers Collective; babywearing consultant certification by Slingababy; Birth Story Listener certification by Birth Story Medicine; & I’m a student of breastfeeding with Childbirth International.

I’m a foreigner in Norway and although I do speak Norwegian I am more comfortable and authentic when I speak my own languages (English or Spanish). I work closely with the expat community as I am, myself, an expat mother, but I’m happy to work with all families who need my services.

There’s never enough space to say everything about oneself, so if you want to learn more about me and what I do & why, you can contact me or check my website.

For now all I can say is that, true to my culture, I’m a warm, chatty Latino woman/mother who loves sharing the wisdom of traditional postpartum care & the love for Rebozo, Massage & the warmth that they bring to new motherhood.

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